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It doesn’t even matter what Share Point version you’re using.

When I Googled for a bit, I found out that there is no out-of-the-box-solution for this and a lot of guys use Visual Studio to solve this.

The next time you restart your browser, the update will be applied.

You should see your masterpage when going to (Yes I’m using Chrome) Now create a new blank Team Site using whatever name you like (you won’t see it in the end).So I decided to write my findings and solution to the open world. The problem is very simple: You create your own master page, you apply your master page to all sites and it does that, nice, but when you create a new site you just get the old v4.master on that site and not your custom master page.Everyone with this problem, if you followed my previous post or not, can follow this solution.Upload the file into the Solution Gallery by using the Upload Solution button on the ribbon of Solutions. You can now use the new template to create a site with your masterpage. Site Actions, New Site, scroll down and select the template, fill in a title and url and create the site.You should now have your master page automatically applied.

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