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In glacial areas, huge moving ice masses embedded with soil and rock fragments grind down rocks in their path and carry away large volumes of material.Plant roots sometimes enter cracks in rocks and pry them apart, resulting in some disintegration; the burrowing of animals may help disintegrate rock However, such biotic influences are usually of little importance in producing parent material when compared to the drastic physical effects of water, ice, wind, and temperature change.However, chemical and physical weathering often go hand in hand.Physical weathering can occur due to temperature, pressure, frost etc.

You want to distress in the areas that would most likely wear with age, like the rails, top and edge of the legs. The chairs are back in place and I’m happy with them. I'm here to inspire and encourage other women to find their own inner creativity.

The mineral content of the soil is determined by the parent material; thus, a soil derived from a single rock type can often be deficient in one or more minerals needed for good fertility, while a soil weathered from a mix of rock types (as in glacial, aeolian or alluvial sediments) often makes more fertile soil.

In addition, many of Earth's landforms and landscapes are the result of weathering processes combined with erosion and re-deposition.

The various agents act in concert to convert primary minerals (feldspars and micas) to secondary minerals (clays and carbonates) and release plant nutrient elements in soluble forms.

The materials left over after the rock breaks down combined with organic material creates soil.

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