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Wellbeing This area is closely related to health but could be viewed as 1.The personal reaction to smell input (incoming olfactory information) rather than emissions from the body.Research has shown that due to the overuse of chemicals as a means of aromatizing the body, some Americans have lost touch with their personal identity.(Synnott and Howes) With the result that we are reduced to visual means for defining the sense of self.Scientific knowledge can struggle to break free from the confines of academia; communicating findings to a wider public audience and generating discussions as to what kind of society their technologies could potentially facilitate.Design has the potential to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and user (public) understanding.Each type of food has a very distinctive set of flavor compounds that are formed during the Maillard reaction.It is these same compounds that flavour scientists have used over the years to create artificial flavors.

The future The initial impetus for the project came from a 2006 article in the New Scientist magazine featuring research being done at Florida State University.

The Desana behaviour proves that humans do have the ability to identify different human smells but in relatively recent times we have either forgotten how to use it or chosen to mask the body's natural smell with perfumes and deodorant.

Health Hippocrates (4th Century BC) first suggested that illness could be diagnosed through smell emissions (body odour).

Scientists, after a century long hiatus, have started to realize the importance of the olfactory sense and its complex role in many human interactions and experiences.

For the purposes of this project, the key areas have been outlined below: Dating and genetic compatibility For the Amazonian Desana marriage is only allowed between individuals with different odours. In conjunction western research (wedekind et al, 1995.

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