Saxparserfactory validating

(kkolinko) 57681: Add a web application class loader implementation that supports the parallel loading of web application classes.

Use of this feature requires a Java 7 or later JRE. (markt) 58187: Correct a regression in the fix for 57765 that meant that deployment of web applications deployed via the Manager application was delayed until the next execution of the automatic deployment background process. This can break Tomcat's check that at least one requested cipher suite is supported.

(markt) RMI Target related memory leaks are avoidable which makes them an application bug that needs to be fixed rather than a JRE bug to work around.

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(markt) Correct an error in the documentation of the expected behaviour for automatic deployment.61489: When using the CGI servlet, make the generation of command line arguments from the query string (as per section 4.4 of RFC 3875) optional.The feature is enabled by default for consistency with previous releases. (markt) 58244: Handle the case when Open SSL resumes a TLS session using a ticket and the full client certificate chain is not available.Tomcat now includes a work-around so either form of the cipher suite name can be used when running on an IBM JRE.(markt) 58357: For reasons not currently understood when the APR/native connector is used with Open SSL reads can return an error code when there is no apparent error.

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